The look on their face is something that would stay with you. It seems not so long ago that these scholarship beneficiaries were startled when Titian gave them the opportunity to continue their studies at high school. The 2006 earthquake in Central Java also ruined Bayat – a village in the South East approximately 12 km from Klaten Regency – turning their homes and schools into rubble.

Titian rebuild three schools that were destroyed in that area. But question afterwards was how to get the students to continue their schooling with so much destruction – materially and psychologically. Those days the Indonesian Government only guarantees free education until junior secondary school. Titian therefore introduced a scholarship programme so that these students could extend their education to senior secondary or vocational school hoping they would be able to attain a better future with high school diploma.

And who would have thought, four years after graduating from high school that these hopefuls (mostly Gen 1 and some of Gen 2) would take another leap in their education and already be completing their tertiary education, getting university diplomas and bachelor degrees and some even earn perfect GPA.

This is what Titian strives for and would want to continue to strive for – empowering young minds to achieve their best potential. So congratulations to our ‘alumni’ students. You are the inspiration that keeps Titian going.

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