Routine Meeting and Eid-Al-Fitr gathering of Micro Finance

On July 21st, 2016, Titian’s Community Learning Centre (“CLC”) in Bayat held an Eid-Al-Fitr gathering (popularly known as ‘Halal bi Halal’) with the members of the Micro Finance programme, which was also part of their routine gathering. The Micro Finance programme is a joint venture between Titian Foundation (“Titian”), Bank Panin Syariah and BMT Bina Ihsanul Fikri (BMT BIF).

This programme is designed for parents of Titian Scholarship recipients who run businesses. To date it has 29 members. Attending this Halal bi Halal were the active members and 15 candidates for membership, parents from Generation 8 scholarship recipients. This gathering aimed to strengthen the relationship between mentors, members and lenders. During this gathering many of our past members who are no longer taking up loans, were there too. The session emphasised the importance of building good cooperation between members and allowed them to share with others their success stories about running their businesses.

The Micro Finance programme addresses the challenges that ensnare the neighborhood of Bayat – particularly loan sharks. To achieve this, it provides members with assistance and guidance on simple financial and business management as well as access to finance. The programme also strongly advocates that members implement sound financial management; the ability to differentiate between wants and needs, and building the habit of including their family in managing future needs. (IK/FD)