One Step into The Future

Year 2021 is the last year for Titianers Generation 2 to have activities together at Titian in South Tangerang. Various activities have been done by the Titianers altogether for the past three years; Drama, Volunteering, CLC Festivals, Social Projects, as well as monthly activities such as Sunday Gathering and Consultation. Holding an event to appreciate every process that Titianers have done in Titian is a good thing, as a reminder of the steps they have taken, also a process to realize that they will be one step closer to the next level of life, whether to continue their studies or work. On Monday, June 21, 2021, a Send-Off event was held with “One Step Towards the Future” as the theme.

The theme used is an apt description of a life that continues to move towards the future. It is also a description that in navigating life there is no such thing as shortcuts, every single time is passed step by step. This step-by-step process is sometimes not realized by many people. Sometimes people don’t give themselves a chance to stop and look back. People do not realize that they have become so far, nor the changes that occur in each process. Just like a person who climbs mountain, we better stop for a moment to see how far we have passed, and enjoy the scenery behind us.

This Send-off event was made for Titianers Gen 2 to reflect and introspect. A process to realize that they are going to take one more step towards their future, and also to realize many changes that Titianers have acquired during their high school times. Congratulations on your new journey. (CP)