Student Enhancement Newsletter December 2011

Student Enhancement

The 2nd Dies Natalis SMKN 1 Rota Bayat

On December 17th 2011 SMKN 1 ROTA Bayat celebrated its 2nd Anniversary. The students held various competitions between themselves from design to product competitions. Amongst the competitions were batik design and product competition, ceramic making competition, comic competition, and movie competition. The result was then announced at the anniversary celebration right on the 18th of December after parents meeting.

Student EnhancementStudent Enhancement

During the celebration and meeting many parents agreed that the school had progressed a lot since the time when it was started. From the report that the headmaster mentioned earlier that day, the achievements that the school reached was unexpectedly satisfying concerning that the school was still very new.

Furthermore, planning the future after graduation, students of SMK also visited University and Art Institute that they hoped they could go to pursue further study. Universitas Negeri Surakarta and Institute Seni Rupa Indonesia Solo were their destinations this time. The two institutions were the ones that most students of SMK ROTA hope to study after graduation. They spoke to the faculties and current students on their visit to gther information. This activity is aimed at encouraging students to understand what it takes to study there so that they can prepare better when the time comes.