Scholarship Newsletter January 2012


Mandiri ScholarshipIt’s a new beginning

Last January, 28 2012 was a big day for Titian Foundation. It was when Bank Mandiri and Titian Foundation started a partnership to ensure the development of Education in Indonesia. Bank Mandiri dedicated as much as 546,480,000 IDR education fund through Titian Foundation to be distributed to some students so that they can continue their education to a higher degree. This partnership agreement was signed by both representatives of each institution. It was Mr. Brett Ginesky, as the Head of Investor Relations Group from Bank Mandiri and Ibu Lily Kasoem from Titian Foundation as Founder and Director.

University ScholarshipAlso, it was this time of the year last year when some batch 1 students were anxious about their future, mixed feelings between worried and enthusiast. They challenged themselves to go further in University education but were uncertain about their financial situation. At the end fortunately, 16 students were admitted in the university. Some are on full scholarship and the rest are with partial scholarship. It was a great ending for a new beginning.

These students have studied in university for one semester right now. During their semester break, they all gathered back in their village to give back to the younger generations. Some of them have excelled and become even more confident than before. They shared tips and experiences, what they had to do to win scholarship to the younger scholarship generations.

Gathering with Nick CashmoreThese students also had a great time in lunch gathering with Mr. Nick Cashmore, the scholarship program’s most anticipated donor who is now a board member of Titian Foundation. It was a warm meeting at which the students spoke about their experiences at universities. As always Mr Nick doubled the treat by taking them to a sweet trip to Monggo chocolate factory in Kotagede and ended the evening with movie viewing. Bank Mandiri and Titian Foundation’s other partners in scholarship are the cores behind the success stories of these young people in Bayat. Together we are facilitating the future leaders of Indonesia to get the quality education that they need.