‘Appreciative Living’ Workshop

The ability to develop oneself and contribute is an essential requirement for living a life that is meaningful. A workshop on Appreciative Inquiry (AI) was intended to establish an attitude of appreciation and passion to actualize and develop oneself. Through the process of sharing experiences and ideas, participants were able to determine the best way to achieve their dreams, both individually and as members of the ‘Titian family’.

Ibu Kirti Peniwati, Ph.D led the workshop. Ibu Kirti graduated from Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business of the University of Pittsburgh in the United States and has 25 years’ experience teaching industrial management at the PPM Institute of Management in Jakarta. She is now an independent Decision Making and Appreciative Inquiry Facilitator.

This workshop turned into an emotional discovery for the students, especially for those who feel below-par academically or financially compared to their counterparts. It gave them something to work on, by overcoming their weakness, evaluating where their strengths are and maximized these strengths to their fullest potential.

33 alumni students attended the workshop, with recently graduated Gen 4 students making up most of the audience.