We Are All the Same

After more than one year since Titian started a new programme at Rembitan, finally on December 29, 2020 we officially held the CLC Titian Lombok Soft Opening event. The event was opened by a gambus performance presented by the Titian scholarship students. It was responded with great enthusiasm not only by Titian staff but also by local residents. The CLC building, which is located in the middle of residential areas, to be precise in Nyanggit village, Rebuk 1 hamlet, Rembitan, is a new hope for the community.

In his remarks, Lalu Mardan, the head of the Rebuk 1 hamlet as the community representative, expressed his hope that Titian’s existence could make Rembitan community have a better life. Hence he did not forget to urge residents to take part in maintaining the facilities that have been provided. He also invited community members to continue supporting their children studying together at Titian. This is similar to the hope that Lily Kasoem expressed on the occasion that afternoon that all the facilities here are provided for the community.

Mrs. Lily believes that humans are born in the same conditions; we have two hands, nose, ears and other body parts. All of us are born in the same provisions, no one is born stupid. Just like plants, we only need to get ‘watered’ appropriately. Therefore, she urged parents to make their children to love studying and learn many subjects such as science in a hope that they can build their future because good education will lead to a better life as well.

Coinciding with this soft opening, Lily Kasoem handed over a book titled “Isi Kepala Jack Ma” to Lalu Mardan as the community representative. This handover was a symbolic gesture to tell that Titian Lombok is now officially opened and ready to be utilized by the community members. Various facilities are available and neatly arranged, such as various types of books, educational toys, computers, sewing machines and so on. There are community assistance programme for children, adolescents and adults, both hard skills and soft skills; tutoring, business assistance in Weaving Class), Computer Class and others. Several programmes are the follow-up ones that have been running for one year in the collaboration of Titian Foundation with Soroptimist International of Jakarta which aims to improve the quality of life of the community through three aspects; community literacy skills, hygiene and sanitation, and economic empowerment.

On this occasion, there was also a sharing session from representatives of Titian’s scholarship students in Pemenang, Lombok along with Titian Bayat scholarship alumni. They briefly shared their experience and changes they had when they joined Titian. In the sharing, Mona, one of the first generation of Titian Lombok scholarship students said, “Ladies and gentlemen, please give your children the opportunity to continue learning and gaining education. I thank my parents who gave me the opportunity to continue study at school even though my parents have some financial difficulty. So, ladies and gentlemen, please give them the opportunity to continue to go to school and study.” The sharing felt really touching and it was immediately responded with warm applause by the guests.

Now, a spot on the edge of the rice fields of Nyanggit village has become like a sanctuary for children and other community members and we are always open to welcome those who want to continue learning and processing. For the children whose longing for knowledge but are hampered by the limited facilities. CLC Titian Lombok may not be the only learning center available, but we believe that the little hope we have will be able to bring a little change to their lives. (NL)